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Basic Feather

BF Green

BF Green

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A powerful badminton racket

"We wanted to develop a powerful badminton racket which slightly caters to the player who has a good base in its badminton, a solid control and are seeking a lot of power in the shots... And we think we did pretty well with BF Green"

- Morten Frost


Tailored to the technically skilled offensive player who seeks short strokes and power in the punches.

The shaft is stiff which will add on further power to your strokes if your timing with the shuttle is good.
The racket head is made from our wave-frame technology, securing optimal stability and high resilience to high stringing tension.

BF Green is a racket for the player at a good/advanced level, as it requires good skills to unlock the full potential of this racket.

Racket specs

Weight: 87 g +- 2 (3U)
Stiffness: Stiff
Balance point: 300 +-2 mm
Recommended stringing tension: 22 - 26.5 lbs

Carefully developed and tested

We have carefully chosen and tested all materials used in our products. The rackets are made from best in class Japanese graphite, which makes them both durable and powerful. All rackets are developed by the two founders, 4 time All England Champion Morten Frost and Flemming Quach.

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    We offer free shipping and delivery within 3-5 business days in India

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  • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

    You only know if you picked the right racket by playing with it on the court, therefore we offer 30 days satisfaction guarantee on all our rackets.
    If you are dissatisfied with your choice, we will provide a full refund or exchange to another of our rackets free of charge.

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Get our best advice

All about stringing tension

Our stringing is performed on a full professional electric machine, similar to those used at the World Tour events, with your preferred stringing tension*.  

* The strings are carried out with the best string on the market of 0.68 mm in thickness.

High string tensions offers increased control but low durability in the stringing.
Low string tensions offer high durability but less control.

Basic Feather will recommend this as a general rule of thumb:
Beginner: 19 - 23 pounds
Medium: 24 - 26.5 pounds
Advanced: 26.5 - 28 pounds

From our personal experience, we do not recommend tensions higher than 28 pounds unless you are a very skilled or professional player.

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All about choosing a racket

When choosing a racket, you must consider the following factors: 
1. Overall weight 
2. Weight distribution
3. Shaft flexibility

Choosing the right racket is not easy and it depends on your playing style and level of play. For the majority, we recommend medium-stiff flexibility. This provides you with both great control and power. Furthermore, you then will have to choose what kind of balance point you prefer.

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