Satisfaction Guarantee

We only want you to be 100 % satisfied

Satisfaction guarantee is our way to ensure that you can buy your new badminton racket with peace of mind.

We know from our own experience that it easily can take a few practices or matches to getting used to a new racket.

Therefore, we offer 100 % satisfaction guarantee 30 days after your purchase. The 30 days starts when receiving your racket. This insures time to test, play and get used to your new racket.

If the racket does not turn out to be a good match within the 30 days, you have the opportunity to make os of the satisfaction guarantee.

Full refund if you are not satisfied

What all this means is that you can return the racket and receive a full refund. We will cover the return costs as well.
This applies no matter what condition the racket is in, whether it has been scratched, the grip has been changed etc.

We hope you feel comfortable in purchasing your next badminton racket with us.

I want to make us of my satisfaction guarantee

Did you buy a racket from us and want to make us of the satisfaction guarantee?

This is how it is done through 4 easy steps:

1. Write to us at
2. Once receiving your e-mail we will reply with a prepaid return label
3. Print and stick the label to the box and deliver it to your local post office.
4. Once we have received the racket, we will start a refund to you.

A tip from our side

Please save the packaging until you are absolutely sure you want to keep your racket. By doing this, you avoid the hassle of finding a new packaging for your return, if you want to request a refund.

I just want to exchange to another model

If you bought one model but want to switch to another one of ours, no problem! Write an e-mail to including your order no. and which racket you would like to exchange to.