About us

At Basic Feather, we cherish every evening we are able to spend playing badminton with friends and family

The All England champion and the young talent

The two founders have more than 75 years of badminton experience combined. Morten has won the All England 4 times and been world No. 1 for 7 consecutive years and he was the coach to Flemming back, when he was a young aspiring talent.

The age gap between them is 34 years, however friendship is not limited by age. Badminton accommodates all and that's what we love about our sport.

Building Basic Feather is like starting a whole new badminton career. It requires all the same, dedication, commitment, positive attitude, hard work, pride and courage.

Attention to detail

We wish to create a timeless element within the sport where aesthetics go hand ind hand with quality and functionality. A good and reasonable price altogether for the every day badminton player.

Created for dedicated players

The 4 time All England Champion and former world no. 1, Morten Frost, and Flemming Quach have created a badminton brand for dedicated players with products in a classic minimalistic design, made in the highest quality, all at reasonable prices. This is Basic Feather.

Excitement for badminton

At Basic Feather we are all about passion and excitement for the game. We have both been playing badminton at the highest level and know how sport is building bridges between the greatest diversity.

Badminton is unforgettable moments and thousands of hours in the halls.

Badminton is life on court, the friendship, matches and thriving towards perfection.

Badminton is soaking wet t-shirts, the celebration when winning or satisfaction of giving your absolute best. This is badminton.

Want to learn from the best?

With Morten Frost Academy you will find training videos, interviews, reflections on becoming a top player today as well as lots of other exciting features.

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