Find the right badminton racket

We have more than 75 years of experience combined in the game of badminton. Over the years we have played with numerous different rackets and this is a guide on how to find the exact badminton racket, suiting your needs.

When choosing a racket, you must consider the following factors: 
1. Overall weight 
2. Weight distribution
3. Shaft flexibility


Most badminton rackets come in either 2U, 3U, 4U or 5U. Depending on the badminton brand, it can fluctuate a bit with what it means. 
A general understanding of what the different U stands for is roughly:

2U: 90 - 94g
3U: 85 - 89g
4U: 80 - 84g
5U: 75 - 79g

The most standard for a badminton racket is 3U, and that is also what our own BF rackets are, i.e. 85 - 89 g or as we write, 87 g +-2. 

Weight distribution can determine your choice. There are mainly three weight types:

  • Light head rackets
  • Even balanced rackets
  • Heavy head rackets

How you decide is pending on your playing style and personal preference. 
The light head rackets are for players preferring quick reactions, front court control, flat play and not specifically opting for power. Furthermore can be well suited for juniors and female Mixed Double players. 
The even balanced racket is basically the same as the light head racket, perhaps learning more towards power.
The heavy head racket is suited for the attacking player, opting for power, speed and perhaps a little less control.


The flexibility of the shaft is an important factor in terms of power, control and support you will get from your racket. Flexibility can mainly be divided into four different types.

  • Flexible
  • Medium stiff
  • Stiff
  • Extra stiff

The flexible shaft is mainly for beginners.

Rackets with medium stiff shafts are probably the most widely manufactured. The medium-stiff flexibility provides both power and great control in your shots. Getting good quality in your shots is easy with these kinds of rackets. From our experience, the medium-stiff flexibility is a great choice for many players at all levels.  

Rackets, either stiff or very stiff, are created mainly for the top players. Both types of rackets require high technical skills in your shot delivery. If not connecting the shuttle right in the sweet spot every single time, you will experience vague and unpowerful shots.

Choosing the right racket

Choosing the right racket is not easy and it depends on your playing style and level of play. For the majority, we recommend medium-stiff flexibility. This provides you with both great control and power. Furthermore, you then will have to choose what kind of balance point you prefer. Good luck in finding your next favourite racket! 

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